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Battle Systems - Core Space Black...
Battle Systems - Core Space Black...
Battle Systems - Core Space Black...

Battle Systems - Core Space Black Star Rising

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Black Star Rising is a civilian pack for Core Space. From a rules perspective it serves as a replacement for the Shift Change set so players can still access the Worker and Scavenger rules (which are unchanged). However, it will add brand new miniatures and character boards to expand your collection of sci-fi civilians, and we think these are some of our best sculpts yet!

It wouldn’t be Core Space without a story, so you will also find a new three-mission narrative campaign to play through with your crews for plenty of gameplay content.

The new characters will of course come with all the usual equipment and other components. All the nano items added by Shift Change will be included, as well as some new additions including the Grapple Gun, perfect for a quick escape on a multi-level board!

Finally, we’ve taken the opportunity to make a bespoke die for the Workers with custom icons, so you won’t have to use the Chance Die and look up results on a table.

Requires the Core Space Starter Set to play.

Pre-order product, will be available when the manufacturer puts it on sale. Acquiring it in this way, you get your reservation in advance and it will be sent to you preferably once it is available.


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Set contains:

  • 4 Civilian Worker Miniatures 
  • 4 Character Boards 
  • 4 Class Boards
  • 4 Hatch Counters
  • 8 Fire/Poison Counters 
  • 5 Event Cards
  • 54 Equipment Tokens 
  • Mission Briefing and Rules Booklet
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