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A Song of Ice & Fire: Frozen Shore...
A Song of Ice & Fire: Frozen Shore...
A Song of Ice & Fire: Frozen Shore Bear Riders
A Song of Ice & Fire: Frozen Shore Bear Riders

A Song of Ice & Fire: Frozen Shore Bear Riders

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White bears from the lands beyond the Wall are gigantic even compared to ordinary bears, as they are usually as tall as two men when raised on two legs and are able to hender both rock and steel. Thus, only savages would think of taming such beasts and mounting them in combat. In terms of "cavalry", the bear riders of the Ice Coast are slow and move heavily; however, while a horse is limited to trampling on the enemy, snow bears can bite, tear and annihilate to the point that not even a man equipped with full armor is a match for a bear. Despite this, if a unit of bear riders ends up engaged in combat, the mere numerical superiority of their opponent can cause them to fall dejected. In any case, as a flanking troop it has hardly any equal, since a unit of bear riders cannot be ignored without more.

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  • 4 miniatures
  • 1 Combatant unit card
  • 1 movement tray
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