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Sláine: Drune Warband
Sláine: Drune Warband
Sláine: Drune Warband
Sláine: Drune Warband
Sláine: Drune Warband
Sláine: Drune Warband

Sláine: Drune Warband

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Worshippers of the Dark Gods such as Crom Cruach, the great time worm, the Drune Lords are evil priest-kings intent on wiping out Tir Nan Og, the Land of the Young. Committing a great number of slaughters and sacrifices in the name of their dark deities, the Drunes have already soured much of the land with their foul magics.

The armies of the Drunes comprise of the barbaric Skull Swords, Drune soldiers with hair breathing masks to protect themselves from the foul odours of their Drune Lord masters who rule the southern tribes.

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  • 1x Skull Sword Champion (axe & shield)
  • 1x Skull Sword Champion (great axe)
  • 1x Skull Sword Champion (sword & shield)
  • 3x Skull Sword (repeater crossbow)
  • 3x Skull Swords (axe & shield)
  • 1x Skull Sword Champion character card
  • 1x Skull Swords unit card
  • 2x Feat cards (Stubborn Block and Moon-torn)
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