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Star Wars: X-Wing The Pride of Mandalore (Spanish)

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The Pride of Mandalore Reinforcement Pack includes new ship and upgrade cards for Star Wars X-Wing, allowing he player to pilot their existing ships with new characters seen in The Mandalorian, The Clone Wars and Rebels, in addiion to new pilots and upgrade cards usable by the 5 factions. New tokens and obstacles are also included.

In the entire galaxy there are no warriors more reputed for their skill and brutality than the Mandalorians. Although the conquests of Mandalore the Great belong to the distant past, the planet Mandalore and various Mandalorian colonies such as Concord Dawn and Krownest have been battlegrounds in countless conflicts from the Clone Wars to the Galactic Civil War.

The Mandalorians have fought alongside almost every faction in these contests, whether in pursuit of their own goals as the fanatical Death Guard or in addition to a cause such as the Rebel Alliance. Whether they are visionaries like Satine Kryze, irreducible guerrillas like Ursa Wren, extremists like Pre Vizsla or collaborators like Gar Saxon, Mandalorians have shaped the path of galactic history.

All components of this expansion pack follow the rules in the Core Set manual and the Epic Battles rules and regulations that are available on

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  • 10 Ship Cards
  • 50 Upgrade Cards
  • 4 Quick Create cards
  • 2 Status cards
  • 5 maneuver selectors
  • 8 Ship markers
  • 3 Asteroids
  • 3 Space debris
  • 21 different tiles
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