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Badlands: Outpost of Humanity (Spanish)
Badlands: Outpost of Humanity (Spanish)

Badlands: Outpost of Humanity (Spanish)

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Badlands is a strategic boardgame in a post-apocalyptic world, for 2-4 players of 14+ years old. One game takes about 60-120 minutes to play. Many years have passed since the devastating nuclear war destroyed great civilizations and changed the climate on the planet dramatically. The world was turned into a desert with but lonely radioactive ruins of cities left. Massive usage of biological and nuclear weaponry during the war led to many people and animals being turned into horrifying monsters.

Few survivors who managed to make it through "The Last War" have joined together in clans and established the small settlements in this new world.

In Badlands you’ll lead a small community of post-nuclear survivors struggling for their lives. You will have to undertake distant expeditions and explore abandoned locations. Develop trade and attack your enemies, protect your settlement and fight for influence to secure your corner in the ruthless world of Badlands!

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  • Tablero de juego
  • 4 tableros de asentamientos
  • 4 tableros de equipamiento
  • 16 Cartas de acción de doble cara
  • 5 Cartas de Líder
  • 40 cartas de encuentros en la bóveda
  • 45 cartas de encuentros en la base militar
  • 35 cartas de encuentros en las minas
  • 4 Cartas de ayuda
  • 18 cartas de rumores
  • Más de 300 marcadores de varios tipos
  • Marcador de primer jugador
  • 10 dados de 6 caras
  • 12 Miniaturas de camiones altamente detalladas
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