Everdell: Spirecrest (Spanish)

Everdell: Spirecrest (Spanish)

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Beyond the pleasant confines of Everdell Valley, deep within mysterious and uncharted lands, adventures lie waiting to be discovered. Take the journey!

Spirecrest adds several exciting and challenging new mechanics and features to the Everdell base game, including:

  • Weather charts impose challenging limitations for each season
  • Discovery cards allow you to encounter intrepid new creatures and locations on your journey, offering new strategies and unique abilities!
  • Big Critters are unique workers with interesting and helpful abilities, who also serve as trusty mounts.

You will start the game with a Rabbit Traveler on the Mountain board. In each season, you will have to face a harsh climate that will alter the way you play. As the seasons pass, you'll move your Traveler down the trail, gathering maps to plan a final Expedition and making amazing discoveries. Wisely use the unique abilities of your Discovery cards, plan your Expedition carefully at the end of the game, and your city's history and epic journey will be remembered in Everdell for seasons to come!

Expansion content requires Everdell base game

  • Age: +13 year.
  • Duration: 40 - 100 minutes.
  • Number of players: 1 - 4 players.

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  • 33 Discovery cards
  • 12 weather cards
  • 1 Mountain board
  • 30 map tiles
  • 6 Foxes
  • 1 Ambassador Frog
  • 15 traveling rabbits
  • 6 saddles
  • 5 Large Creatures
  • 12 3 points tiles
  • 1 rulebook
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