Star Wars Outer Rim: Unfinished...
Star Wars Outer Rim: Unfinished...
Star Wars Outer Rim: Unfinished Business Expansion (Spanish)
Star Wars Outer Rim: Unfinished Business Expansion (Spanish)

Star Wars Outer Rim: Unfinished Business Expansion (Spanish)

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Unfinished Business, an expansion for Star Wars: Outer Rim, is packed with more of everything the game has to offer: characters, ships, gear, bounties, jobs, encounters, dice, and more! Two new tiles allow players to cross the galaxy by passing through the Core Worlds, and the new “favors” and “ambitions” change up how the game is played. Fire up your engines—it’s time to get down to business.

You’ve made a name for yourself in the Outer Rim, but there is still Unfinished Business. Hyperlanes through the Core Worlds hold the promise of untapped opportunities. The market is flush with new merchandise, from valuable cargo to tools of the trade. Just watch your step; the latest crop of bounties is even deadlier, and your rivals are looking to take you down!

Age: +14 years.

Duration: 120-180 minutes.

Number of players: 1 - 4 players.

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Set contains:

  • 6 hojas de Nave
  • 8 hojas de Ambición
  • 2 piezas de tablero de los Mundos del Núcleo
  • 11 fichas de Contacto naranjas
  • 4 fichas de Deuda
  • 3 dados
  • 8 cartas de Personaje
  • 45 cartas de Mercado
  • 91 cartas de Encuentro
  • 52 cartas de Banco de Datos
  • 21 cartas de IA
  • 4 cartas de referencia
  • 8 fichas de Personaje
  • 8 peanas de plástico
  • 4 fichas de Daño
  • 4 fichas de Créditos
  • 12 fichas de Objetivo
  • 1 cuaderno de reglas
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