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copy of Masters of the Universe Battleground:...
copy of Masters of the Universe Battleground:...
copy of Masters of the Universe Battleground: Wave 4 The Power of the Evil Horde (ENGLISH)
copy of Masters of the Universe Battleground: Wave 4 The Power of the Evil Horde (ENGLISH)

copy of Masters of the Universe Battleground: Wave 4 The Power of the Evil Horde (ENGLISH)

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As this is the Evil Horde, this name obliges us to create a fitting playstyle. They need to be able to deploy more warriors than their opponents and the easiest way to achieve that is by making their characters significantly cheaper than the representatives of other factions. So that’s exactly what we did. Forces of 5 or 6 models will hit the table more often than you think. “But wait!” I hear you ask “Won’t it be difficult to activate 6 models with just 5 cards? Even if extra cards are drawn, players could run out of the deck before the game ends!” Worry not! Members of the Evil Horde have special skills and equipment to support their playstyle. Draw more cards, discard them to gain additional benefits and then move those cards from the discard pile back into the deck! This is the way of the Horde. Playing as the Evil Horde isn’t easy, as players have to constantly keep track of their fate cards, but it’s a rewarding playstyle.

Wave 4 doesn’t just contain a new faction. As always, the expansion brings a plethora of new weapons, trinkets, and fate cards that could be used in any list! Most of the new cards were created to support the specific playstyle of the Evil Horde, but it doesn't mean they have no application in the other factions. Quite the opposite! They open possibilities for creating new strategies that weren’t possible before.

But wait, there is even more! The expansion also comes with 4 new terrain pieces and a new mission book describing battlegrounds that utilize the new terrain. If you liked the more unorthodox rules of advanced battlegrounds from wave 2, we have good news! Both standard and advanced battlegrounds will be included in wave 4! Have you ever faced an endless horde of evil minions? Well, this might be your chance to prove your worth.

Top-quality miniatures

Introduced for the first time a few years back, Archon’s HIPS technology has been mastered even further for the release of Masters of the Universe™: Battleground. All models come on plastic sprues, with a quality never before seen in Archon’s miniatures. Classic toys are now represented by 32mm scaled models, carefully based on fan-favorite designs.

Introducing Castle Grayskull "Wasteland" terrain

Starter Set comes with a complete set of scenery to be used with a game. All the terrain elements are single-pieced - they do not require any assembly. Every element was modeled and designed after the legendary “Castle Grayskull” toy set to faithfully represent the famous stronghold, so often stormed by Skeletor™ and his minions.

All models come unpainted and some unassembled


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Set contains:

  • 8 miniatures
  • 4 scenery trees
  • cards
  • rules book
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