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You must make the payment using one of the payment methods described below. Wargen Wargames will issue the corresponding invoice, which will be sent once the order has been confirmed. All payments will be placed in Euros (€), being able to choose the form of payment that suits you or that you have contracted.

All payments made on this website are processed using secure servers. In no case the Wargen Wargames will request any information related to your credit/debit card number, account number or access codes.

The forms of payment accepted are described below:

  • With credit or debit card, Visa, Mastercard
  • PayPal

This data is transferred through a secure connection through Redsys and PrestaShop Checkout. Wargen Wargames does not have access to this data in any way.

Credit card

At the time of placing the order, and choosing the credit card as the payment method, you are connected to the Redsys and PrestaShop Checkout secure payment system, where you must indicate your card number, type and expiration date. Depending on the bank with which you have your account, more information may be required.


At the time of placing the order, and choosing Paypal as the payment method, you access a screen where you must log in to your Paypal account, where the total amount of the purchase will be detailed and you can finalize the order.


At the time of placing the order, and choosing Bizum as the payment method, a screen is accessed detailing the total price of the requested order and the payment process through Bizum. Do not forget to indicate the corresponding order code.

Bank transfer

At the time of placing the order, and choosing the bank transfer as a means of payment, a screen is accessed detailing the total price of the requested order, as well as the details of the bank account in which this must be entered. amount within a maximum period of one week from the placing of the order. When entering the corresponding price, do not forget to indicate the code of the corresponding order.

Cash in our physical store

Before making the payment, contact us by phone or email, to tell you how to reserve the product and be able to come and pick it up for payment in hand at our physical store.

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NOTICE: NEOPRENE MAT 90x90, 90x183 and 112x152

Dear customers,

Although they can continue to be requested on our website for future manufacturing, the stock of parts for the manufacture of 90x90, 90x183 and 112x152 neoprene mats are out of stock. Therefore, we will not be able to resume its manufacture until we receive a new consignment in print. The estimated date is before the summer, although delays may occur. Once received, we will be able to resume manufacturing with these measures, following a rigorous order date.

We take this opportunity to thank you for your confidence in Wargen Wargames.

All the best.