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TinkerTurf Sci-Fi - Industrial...
TinkerTurf Sci-Fi - Industrial...

TinkerTurf Sci-Fi - Industrial Starter - Red Theme

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TinkerTurf Sci-Fi - Industrial Starter - Red Theme. Manufacturing centers and infrastructure are crucial strategic objectives in every conflict. The variety of elevations and diverse obstacles also make a visually interesting battlefield with multiple paths to tactical success. Construct the core elements of an Industrial Battlefield with this endlessly reconfigurable collection of platforms, ladders, stairs, and cover.

TinkerTurf is a new terrain product designed to give you an affordable, easily assembled battlefield of polished, professional looking structure sand terrain features. Each TinkerTurf terrain piece is easily assembled from full color, pre-printed, dense 2mm black game board. You can build expansive battlefields of great looking, multi-tier structures and cover types for any 28mm and 32mm miniature game. As a modular system, TinkerTurf also allows you to customize your battlefield as you see fit. The end result is terrain features of noticeable weight and heft, that will standup to the demands of many years of hard campaigning.

Note: we recommend white PVA glue for assembly, along with small hobby clamps

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Set contains:

  • 1x Large Platform
  • 2x Medium Platforms
  • 2x Small Platforms
  • 8x Tall Legs
  • 16x Short Legs
  • 4x Leg Extenders
  • 12x Double Feet
  • 8x Single Feet
  • 2x Tall Stairs
  • 3x Short Stairs
  • 1x Container
  • 2x Tank Jacks
  • 5x Small Crates
  • 1x Long Tall Barricade
  • 1x Medium Tall Barricade
  • 1x Narrow Tall Barricade
  • 1x Long Short Barricade
  • 1x Medium Short Barricade
  • 1x Narrow Short Barricade
  • 1x Tall Ladder
  • 1x Medium Ladder
  • 1x Short Ladder
  • 1x Long Catwalk
  • 1x Short Catwalk
  • 3x Ladder Stands
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