Star Wars: Legion Logray and Wicket (SPANISH)
Star Wars: Legion Logray and Wicket (SPANISH)
Star Wars: Legion Logray and Wicket (SPANISH)
Star Wars: Legion Logray and Wicket (SPANISH)

Star Wars: Legion Logray and Wicket (SPANISH)

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The Ewok Logray was the shaman of his village. His job was to make sure his tribe lived in harmony with the spirits of the forest of Endor, and when the rebels landed on the wooded moon, he mistook C-3PO for a god. After witnessing a demonstration of his divine "magic," Logray ordered the rebellious prisoners released and later joined them in the fight against Imperial troops.

Wicket W. Warrick was a particularly witty and fearless Ewok. His curiosity and audacity led him to devise many of the methods his people employed to deal with the overwhelming technological superiority of the Empire, including its colossal bipedal combat.

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